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Add players not in database as TEXT to a match

Tommy 2 years ago in Match updated 1 year ago 2

I want to be able to add players to a match which are not from the players database, but simply stored as plain text. Nothing will happen when you click on them, as they are not connected to a player in the database. So instead of picking a player in the line up, you just type in his/her name.


Poll for each match - (MVP of the match)

SerresLiveScores 3 years ago in Match updated by Andrei S. (Developer) 3 years ago 0 1 duplicate

Dear Sir, I would like to ask if it is possible to include a poll for each match. This poll could be about MVP of the match, so I can use it for statistics!!! Thank you very much in advance!!!
Sincerely his team


Yellow card for trainers and employees

Daniel 3 years ago in Match updated by Peli 2 years ago 1

Image 1617

It is now also possible for trainers and employees to receive a yellow or red card. But at the moment you can only select players. It might be worth considering that in the future you can also select the trainers/employees.


technical defeat to one or both teams (+ other non-standard outcomes)

Andrei S. (Developer) 4 years ago in Match updated 3 years ago 9

Next match - TV broadcaster

peuplevert 8 months ago in Match updated by Jan Vejdi 8 months ago 2


Would it be possible to develop a new feature to enter the TV channel that will broadcast the match?

The channel could appear on several displays as "next match" (see example).

Thank you!


Compare competitionstats in preview

Hans Petter 3 years ago in Match updated by silral 2 years ago 1

Possible to compare competitionstats between opponents in matchpreview. See example:

Image 1447


New Rules: Cards for trainers and other team stuff

BuddyHoli 4 years ago in Match updated by Roberto Luis Mauro 6 months ago 3

Football rules changed.

It would be great to have the possibility to give the match Event "Cards" (yellow, yellow-red, red) to Trainers and stuff, cause the Trainers and stuffs behaviour is part of the fair Play result of a team


Notification/alert alternative for viewer

Edwin Dee 2 years ago in Match 0

It will be great to give this option to the visitor/viewer to choose to get an alert for a certain match. Please see attached image, something like this.

Image 3609


Tabs for 1 week of matches ..

salzoabi 2 years ago in Match updated 2 years ago 3

I was able to make 7 tabs for 1 week of matches using shortcodes. The shortcode was brilliant, dynamic and flexible. The problem is with tabs, I tried all methods to change tab names to date, but I failed.

for example  [ Dec 1 - Dec 2 - Dec 3 - Dec 4 - Dec 5 - Dec 6 - Dec 7 ] .. where Dec 4 is the active tab, which is the current day. Tomorrow, Dec 5 will be the active tab, and dates shift to [Dec 2 - Dec 3 - Dec 4 - Dec 5 - Dec 6 - Dec 7 - Dec 8].

I think this is an easy task to do, but I have no knowledge on how to accomplish this on wordpress.


Game cancelled

info 3 years ago in Match updated 3 years ago 0

Is it possible to add in the "matches"" the function "Game Cancelled"? And than also visible in the list of matches?