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Славик Урчик 3 years ago in Shortcodes updated by Andrei S. (Developer) 2 years ago 5

Could  you please add in future updates shortcodes (?):

-standing tables (CUP)


Professional club stats table (including matches stats)

mehdashti 3 years ago in Shortcodes 0

Add some professional stats table to club layout and shortcodes. table include match stats (goals, shots, shot on goals, corners and ...). two tables in better. one include stats for each matches in every rows, and second table include total stats by competitions, for example first row stats of league, second row stats of Champions league and ...


I would like to ask for the "Shortcodes" statistics

Saomai Audio 2 years ago in Shortcodes 0

Hello friends,

I'm learning about Plugin: Football Leagues

I am making a statistic table which includes: Total goals scored, Total goals an own goal, Total penalty cards, Total matches, Total players, The match with the most goals, The match has the most penalty cards, Total Braces, Total Hattrick, Total Poker, Team with the most goals, Team with most penalty cards, Total number of yellow cards, Total number of red cards, ...


I want you to give me "Shortcodes" of the above items, so that I can understand more about this Plugin, thank you!

Hope to receive support from everyone soon


Show stadium and referee on future matches?

Barry 3 years ago in Shortcodes updated by Andrei S. (Developer) 2 years ago 2

Is there any way to show Stadiums and designated referees for future matches either in shortcodes or widgets or both?


Bracket shortcode

Andrei S. (Developer) 3 years ago in Shortcodes updated 2 years ago 7

Shortcodes for other websites

mehdashti 9 months ago in Shortcodes 0


Please add shortcodes for using in other websites, some of webmasters asked me to use our tables on their websites.



Шорткод с переменными %player_name% %club_name%

Саша 12 months ago in Shortcodes updated 12 months ago 1

Андрей, приветствую!
В конструкторе макетов вы реализовали возможность в тексте добавлять переменные названия клубов, название соревнования и так далее. Спасибо.
Такая же просьба по конструктору макетов на странице игрока и клуба, где можно было бы использовать различные переменные.
Как пример:
Вы находитесь на странице игрока Мемфис Депай, который выступает за клуб Барселона.
Также большая просьба сделать такое поле в виде текстового редактора, где можно проставлять ссылки и так далее.

С уважением.


Название соревнования в мобильной версии

Саша 1 year ago in Shortcodes updated 1 year ago 2

Андрей, приветствую! В мобильной версии не отображается название турнира в блоке матча. Можно ли добавить текстом название соревнования? Речь идет о шорткодах. Скриншот прилагаю.


Referee stats

alexlao 1 year ago in Shortcodes 0
To be able to show such statistics of the referee on his page - cards, fouls, corners, penalties (home-away).

improving transfer shortcode

mehdashti 2 years ago in Shortcodes 0


I want to use transfer short code on first page, but I don't want to filter it by club or competition. would you please add some option to show all transfers from all leagues? also, add filter to select some competitions and clubs, not one club or competition.