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Players who missing the next game / Игроки которые пропускает следующею игру

Славик Урчик 2 years ago in Widgets updated by Slavik Urchik 4 months ago 9

please create widgets, with players who miss the next game.

who haave more yellow card or red card.


Stat clubs (Single Stat Value)

Falcon 1 month ago in Widgets 0

hello, make a widjets or shortcodes to compare clubs stats for the same competition , with a single stat value ( like goals , possession , corner ....)

thank you



nick tsiantakis 4 weeks ago in Widgets 0


These icons may be displayed auto?


перенос строк

Славик Урчик 2 years ago in Widgets updated 2 years ago 4
Will be answered

Shortcodes in widget not works, "An error has occurred. Please reload the page and try again."

Егор Юдин 1 month ago in Widgets updated by Andrei S. (Developer) 1 month ago 3

Приветствую. Почему-то постоянно получаю ошибку, что на скриншоте. Тема стоит Aneto, чего-то стороннего нет.


widget last match

Sjepolleke 3 months ago in Widgets updated by Andrei S. (Developer) 3 months ago 2

Is there a bug in the last match widget? The result isn't showing anymore, just two black boxes.
Can you check, please?


Block customisation in Layout Builder

Dragos Stefanache 5 months ago in Widgets 0

Hi Andrei,

I need to have more customisability when it comes to the blocks available in the Layout Builder.

I want to be able to configure what information is shown in them. For example, I want to show/hide the columns which are generated in the Player Matches and Stats blocks.


Not a bug

вывод инфо о рефери матча

Slavik Urchik 10 months ago in Widgets updated 10 months ago 4

Андрей привет, поставил обновление но почему то инфо не выводится. Я поставил все флаги как полагается, делал даже рекалькуляцию, но почему то не работает. Проверь пожалуйста все ли ок. Спасибо заранее.


Slider tema with main Color, and captain club shortcode

Copa Master League 11 months ago in Widgets 0

1. Hello I wanted to integrate the idea that the team captains can edit their data, there is some possibility that each captain can add a shortcode of the related matches, as well as in layout to call% competition_id% and call your related matches so you can edit from a more streamlined view in one tab.

2. There would be the possibility of creating an option like matchslider like this in plugin but with the teams and that each team has its main color taking as an idea this image that I show you below.



Виджет: сегодня отмечают день рождение!

Славик Урчик 1 year ago in Widgets updated by Andrei S. (Developer) 1 year ago 4

Андрей, привет.
Было бы очень круто если б мы имели возможность выводить виджет с информацией о футболистах, тренерах итд по сегодняшнему дню.