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Players who missing the next game / Игроки которые пропускает следующею игру

Славик Урчик 4 years ago in Widgets updated by Slavik Urchik 1 year ago 11

please create widgets, with players who miss the next game.

who haave more yellow card or red card.


Stat clubs (Single Stat Value)

Falcon 2 years ago in Widgets updated 6 months ago 1

hello, make a widjets or shortcodes to compare clubs stats for the same competition , with a single stat value ( like goals , possession , corner ....)

thank you



nick tsiantakis 2 years ago in Widgets 0


These icons may be displayed auto?

Image 3071


stats panel for ref

Hans Petter 12 months ago in Widgets updated by amirsfc 11 months ago 1

Would like a same type of stats panel for referees, with following info:

Season matches/Totals

Season Yellow /Totals

Season Red/Totals


Hopefully this widget can be available in layout builder for both matches and for referees


Option for a football pool

Peli 2 years ago in Widgets 0

Is it possible to at a football poule in the plugin?  


Referee list

Hans Petter 12 months ago in Widgets 0

A list with a total-list for referees for the competition like the fairplay-table, so it is easier to compare the diffrent refs.

Containing name, total matches, total yellow, total red, and possibility for a score like the fairplay-system.


This Day In Football History

Slavik Urchik 2 years ago in Widgets 0

Андрей, привет.
Очередную головоломку подкину на "подумать".
Было бы круто иметь виджет, который бы выводил инфо, что произошло в текущий день в истории футбола :)
Главная проблема иметь вводную информацию, пока в поисках такого ресурса.
Но возможно когда-то будет интересно тебе реализовать такую затею :)


перенос строк

Славик Урчик 3 years ago in Widgets updated 3 years ago 4


GaspareNet 1 year ago in Widgets updated by Andrei S. (Developer) 1 year ago 1

Is it possible to create iframe code to be provided to other sites?

Does your plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/custom-html-js-shortcodes-by-anwppro/ have this function?


jump to next when match is postponed

Hans Petter 1 year ago in Widgets 0

When a match is postponed, the countdown doesn't jump to next fixture. Is it possible to change it, so when a match is postponed that will be ignored in the countdown until new date is set?