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Matches Generator

Andrei S. (Developer) 12 months ago in Competition updated by GabrielD 3 months ago 15

Duplicate a League with one Klick

Sebastian J. 5 months ago in Competition 0

How about duplicating a league in one click?

Had the advantage, once you have set up the league and the participants do not change this could be restarted directly.

The same counts then for the game days that would not have to be set up again.
The royal road would be natural if you could exchange 2-3 teams before the start of the season.


Competition Layout Builder

Andrei S. (Developer) 7 months ago in Competition updated 6 months ago 2

Sub-Categories for Leagues / Advanced use of Countries

Sebastian J. 11 months ago in Competition updated 11 months ago 3

It might be nice to also have subcategories in the leagues.


So you could create leagues for different areas and then would have a better overview.

As an an example:

Playstation 4

-> 1st League


-> 1st League

-> FUT 1on1 league

Now, for a better overview, the leagues always have to be labeled 1st League PS4

Excuse my english but i hope you understand what i mean.


Bug on competition layout.

Suprim Shrestha 6 months ago in Competition updated by Andrei S. (Developer) 6 months ago 5

Hi Just updated to new version and there is a bug on the competition layout Builder. The tabs are not opening on click only the first tab is viewable other when clicked nothing happens.



Each Group stage shows all matches

Suprim Shrestha 7 months ago in Competition updated by Andrei S. (Developer) 6 months ago 4

When match week slider is on for group stage in each group there is a matchweek slider with all the match. For each group it should be only 4 teams but it shows all the matches