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Reverse W/D/L coloured items

chicky365 6 months ago in Stadium updated 5 months ago 3


Is there a way to change the coloured W/ D / L icons (squares or lines) in the standings?

They seems to run from right to left for matches played, but i would prefer them to go left-to-right, so the latest result would be on the right hand side?


Attendance statistics for the season

Littlenoxy 1 year ago in Stadium 0

What statistics should not be missing is the audience statistics. The whole should be something like in the picture. Would it be difficult to implement?

Image 4888


Import stadium list

GaspareNet 2 years ago in Stadium 0

Is it possible to have a function to import a list of stadiums similar to importing players, referees, teams?


Insert Stadium

GaspareNet 2 years ago in Stadium updated by Alberto 4 months ago 6

I have recently installed the premium version ..

I entered a list of games ...

I can't find or insert a list of stadiums.


Show stadium in matches posts editor

mzrid 3 years ago in Stadium 0

How can I show stadium in here ? in this red circle area ?

Image 2755


I want to change the slug "stadium" to another, lets say "place" so the permalink should be .../place/alliance-arena.

lefaek 3 years ago in Stadium updated 3 years ago 2

I want to change the slug "stadium" to another, lets say "place" so the permalink should be .../place/alliance-arena.


Clubs / Stadium images

scefl 4 years ago in Stadium updated by Andrei S. (Developer) 4 years ago 2

A quick question for you about this excellent plug in that I have started using. Adding photos to Clubs and Stadiums is easy and can be seen when I view them individually. When I go to view the clubs or stadiums page, that shows more than one at a time, (Example www.home/clubs) there are no images, just black screens above the club or stadium name. They can be clicked on to take you to the page, but the image was just black. Is this just how it is or am I missing a simple place to add the image.