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Progress - 25%

API Import - Create competitions and Leagues automatically.

Andrei S. (Developer) 3 years ago in Import API updated by Frank S 4 months ago 30


- migrate from "api-football.com" API V2 to V3

- new user interface (UI)

- special wizard to easily create and config new competition

--- general round-robin competitions (e.g.: national leagues)

--- knockout competitions (e.g.: national cups)

--- complex multistage competitions (e.g.: international cups)


Players photo instead of shirts in line-up

Edwin Dee 1 year ago in Import API updated by Andrei S. (Developer) 3 weeks ago 2

Players photo and possibly ratings as shown below instead of silly shirts 🙂

Image 4427


Import API - Cron job to update team lineups before game start

Andrei S. (Developer) 3 years ago in Import API updated by jeff 3 years ago 1

Add Matches Status On Live Score

ligat 3 years ago in Import API updated by Andrei S. (Developer) 2 years ago 3
Can you add the match status by api-football as below

  • TBD : Time To Be Defined
  • NS : Not Started
  • 1H : First Half, Kick Off
  • HT : Halftime
  • 2H : Second Half, 2nd Half Started
  • ET : Extra Time
  • P : Penalty In Progress
  • FT : Match Finished
  • AET : Match Finished After Extra Time
  • PEN : Match Finished After Penalty
  • BT : Break Time (in Extra Time)
  • SUSP : Match Suspended
  • INT : Match Interrupted
  • PST : Match Postponed
  • CANC : Match Cancelled
  • ABD : Match Abandoned
  • AWD : Technical Loss
  • WO : WalkOver
If there is a match status above, the match does not update. must be manually updated

Match Live

Edwin Dee 1 year ago in Import API updated 1 year ago 2

Dear AnWP team! Do you think anything like this (see image below) is possible for the live matches? This will take your great API integration to a whole new level. If API-football does not have enough data to set up such a thing, you maybe can consider the integration of another API just to add this live feed feature?

Image 4493


Server time zone switcher

Edwin Dee 2 years ago in Import API updated by Mr. Gedanggoreng 5 months ago 15

As viewers are from different countries with different time zones, it would be a great idea to sync the server time zone (which shows the match times) to the visitor's time zone or visitor's browser time zone automatically. If not possible or too difficult to implement, just give the option to the visitor to change timezone directly on the front page.


A switch which lets user sort calendar slider according to league or match time

Edwin Dee 1 year ago in Import API 0

A dynamic switch that lets the "user and website visitor" sort the calendar slider according to league or match time... pls see the screenshot example below

Image 4508


Import LIVE Matches from external API

Andrei S. (Developer) 4 years ago in Import API updated by Akadecaos 3 years ago 10

Fetch live match status automatically

Edwin Dee 1 year ago in Import API 0

there was a match which was suspended at halftime, from Jupiler Pro league in Belgium. Your Plugin still shows this match as LIVE (as of today in the morning), while it was suspended .. check below, first screenshot from footycheck.com which shows the suspended match and the other which shows the match is still LIVE from your plugin. 

idea: fetch match status for live matches from api automatically

Image 4409

Image 4410


Include "Match Goals" prediction in the prediction import/section for api-football

Edwin Dee 1 year ago in Import API 0

Currently only match result prediction is being imported/shown in the calender slider. Match goals (not team goals) are very good prediction as well, if you could import it as well so that it can be shown in a second row below the main prediction in, for example, calender slider...