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Team Stats Charts

Andrei S. (Developer) 1 year ago in Club updated 1 year ago 1

One club with several teams

Charlie 4 weeks ago in Club 0


Would it be possible to add several teams to one club?
E.g. one club might have one first squad for men and one for women.

As I understand it, now all matches and players would be collected under Club page, instead of separated.

Do I have to create a separate club for the second team to keep players, statistics etc separated?


Add leagues selector in player profile and team roster

Sevic 1 year ago in Club updated by Andrei S. (Developer) 1 year ago 4

For example, in one season a player can be played in different tournaments and in different teams.

And the club / team can be played in different competitions.


Club statistics

almanacco 4 weeks ago in Club 0
Hi, it's possible, as it happens for player statistics, to have a total ranking of club statistics such as total games played, total goals scored, total conceded goals and so on. and also to be able to have this data also divided for each single competition played by the team?

Competition stats for club

Hans Petter 4 months ago in Club 0

An overview with stats for a club in current competition, showing tablepos, points, matches played, avg points per match etc. See example:


Show staff at the top of the squad

Hans Petter 2 months ago in Club 0

An option to show staff-members of the club at the top or bottom of squad-screen. As now they autmatically is posted in the bottom, but it would be perfect to have the option to show them before the squad-players.


Emblems and Badges

Dawid 2 months ago in Club updated by Andrei S. (Developer) 2 months ago 1

I want to upload emblems/badge for each clubs. How can I do it?

Not a bug

Responsive / Mobile issue

Dawid 3 months ago in Club updated by Andrei S. (Developer) 3 months ago 3

When u click on a club in table, there is a page with matches and statictis. There is no possible to see results because of no responsive code for table.


Leagueplacing graph

Hans Petter 4 months ago in Club 0

Show a graph of changes in league position through the season. Users can configure if they want it to be shown by matchdays or by weeks. (see example)

Under review

More then three custom fields?

Sebastian J. 9 months ago in Club updated 9 months ago 3

Is it possible to create more than three custom fields for the player an the Club?

I need for the club and player each 6 custom fields fields that should be displayed.

Can I get it somehow?