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Referees statistics

George Bastas 2 years ago updated by Andrei S. (Developer) 2 years ago 1

 I think  it will be very useful to know how many games each referee has every season..


Thanks to Andrei

Sebastian J. 10 months ago 0

I just want to thank Andrei.

In my view, the implementation of the wishes of the users is going well.

Updates follow very quickly at the moment and attention is paid to user requests.

Just a big compliment for that. Thanks and keep it up.

In any case, the plugin has the possibility of one or the other top dog in the field of football plugins.

If one or the other eSports proposal is implemented in the future, then it can become number 1 in the scene.



Player Career History Shortcode

Jobs4 football 1 month ago 0

Can we have a career History Shortcode that groups all games for one club together for each player like the below.

Need Clarification

Android app

Andrei S. (Developer) 1 month ago updated by Filip Baeke 3 weeks ago 4

Update matches

almanacco 1 year ago updated 11 months ago 2

It would be possible to update all the results of a competition in a single page (only scores) without having to open multiple tabs to update the matches?


More ideas for widgets to pull more info

salzoabi 3 weeks ago updated by Andrei S. (Developer) 3 weeks ago 1

I haven't see any reply to any question in this page, but I will do it :)

I think widgets need to be more flexible .. for example:

Widgets should be dynamic, their behavior should adapt to the page I am browsing .. If I am browsing Juventus page, then Next Match widget should display Juventus next match because I have a lot of clubs, and I can't assign a widget for each club, it will be a lot of work, and not practical. Using Club_id to pull next match automatically would be a nice widget.

It would be nice to have a widget that converts club's name into a tag, then display posts that have this tag. Plus, It would be nice to use the same feature on player page, where I can display posts with a tag similar to player's name.

Also I noticed that Tournaments, Clubs, Players, Results .. etc are using the single post page layout, is there a way to change layout using Elementor?

Thank you! I am currently a paying member and would love to see this plugin all the success since I love it.


Country selection for birthplace

Daniel 7 months ago updated by Andrei S. (Developer) 7 months ago 2

You could also add a country selection for the birthplace. So you know from which country the city comes.

Here an example: 

Need Clarification

Fantasy Football Addon

Andrei S. (Developer) 4 weeks ago updated 4 weeks ago 1
Under review

Оценки за игру: лучший игрок матча, оценка арбитру

Slavik Urchik 7 months ago updated 6 months ago 6

Андрей привет!

Еще одну идею на подумать подкинуть хочу.
По возможности, может в будущем, было б не плохо иметь возможность оценивать игру футболистов и арбитров.
К примеру сейчас веду в эксельке статистику по очкам и голосованием на звание игрок матча, месяца, года.
Также по арбитрам, команды (капитаны) оценивают качество работы арбитров, выставляя оценку за матч.

Если б были такие "плюшки" в будущем в данном модуле - было б супер иметь виджэт с инфор, кто лучший "рэф" месяца/года, также и с футболистами. 
Всегда спасибо за твой труд!


sum of columns in players and clubs stats

mehdashti 8 months ago 0

Add a row on the end of players and clubs stats include sum of columns.