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Hello, I bought a premium plugin Sports Leagues. It looks amazing, I'm trying to create an esport site for hockey tournaments and leagues. I am currently working on the easiest way to record the result of the match and allow access to the managers of the given teams? I have a registration now on  my page, it works well, but I'm trying to set up player (users) access for the teams? So they can send resluts the match in the league table. Thank you in advance for your advice.

Hi, how does it look like with the implementation of this possibility of writing results?


I plan to work on it soon. 

Please share your ideas on how it should work. Maybe examples from other plugins/sites.


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I will give an example and at the same time some ideas that I know from other esports websites, which I think are ideal for an esport league.

On the website, there will be a possibility of registration for users (players), to whom it will be possible to assign a given team after registration. For example, the user Anthony123 register and plays for the Dallas Stars and gets access to the game schedule of that team, that is, the Dallas team. After logging in to the website, he enters the RECORD RESULTS section where he sees his team's schedule, selects a match, where after opening it will be possible to enter various match values ​​(result, shots on goal, face off, power plays, shorthandeds, time in attack etc., sends the result and it is automatically included in the league table (or in the play off knockout system). In the match card, the logo of the given teams could be nicely displayed, in the team colors various graphs and values ​​could be displayed, for example, from the shots on goal, face off wins, hits etc. 

If it was a team competition such as a 6v6 or 3v3 esport league, there would be the same system with the possibility to create team lists (team composition) which is currently possible, where the same values ​​from the match as for 1v1 are entered by making it possible to write down the statistics of the players (goals, assists and points overall for the players and then the values ​​for the percentage of success for the goalkeepers and the average number of goals received per match) and again a schedule would be created, the captain (team manager) of the given team would log in to the website, he would get access to the CZECH LIONS team (his own team) , for example, and he would again have a RECORD MATCH section, where he would see the schedule, select a specific match and enter the given values... The result would then be automatically entered into the table and at the same time ideally to be able to player statistics in the next STATISTICS section. Here you could see the statistics of teams, players (goals assisted), goalkeepers (average number of goals conceded per match, save percentage) and so on.

Also, it would be great if someone wants to look at the results of any of the teams so that the team page can show the matches played with results, player stats, etc.

Your plugin is great and most of it is possible here, just enable registration and assign the possibility of recording results directly from the website (front end system) so that players and team captains do not have to enter results via the admin menu in a complicated way.

Here I am attaching the esport league link for idea.


Here I am attaching pictures of what the results look like in one of the leagues. (Czech league). 

If you were to implement an add-on for recording the result, I would ask if it would be possible to add a column for "time in attack". Alternatively, it would be nice to be able to add a custom line to display match stats)

The entry could be simpler, there may not be so many boxes for thirds. Important fields for writing: MATCH RESULT (possibility to set win in overtime, shootout wins) SHOTS, HITS, FACEOFFS WON, TIME IN ATTACK, POWERPLAYS and maybe good is PENALTY MINUTES (see image POST GAME STATS)

Another good and important thing is that it is not possible to register more than the given number of matches with the opponent. For example, if the competition is played with a system of each against each home and away, so that it is possible to enter only 2 matches with a given opponent. For example, 1st game ARIZONA vs CAROLINA, 2nd game CAROLINA vs ARIZONA and further so that it is not possible to write down a possible third match, so that there is no confusion in the competition or for the admin to create a draw (ideally add the option of automatic draw from the given teams under the given conditions)

Furthermore, to be able to see the schedule of matches after the user has logged in on the website for an overview of who the player has played with and with whom he has not. (played, not played)


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Thanks a lot for the examples.


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I really hope this option will be implemented.

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