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Custom post card height on tablet and mobile

Andrei S. (Developer) 4 months ago updated 4 weeks ago 1

Filter by category

mehdashti 12 months ago updated by Andrei S. (Developer) 5 months ago 1

Hi Andrei,

Is it possible to add "Category Filter" on header of grids?

For example for this category:





Add an options to select some of them on header for filtering. and header filter shows like this in front-page:

ALL Football Basketball



Cortos de Metraje 20 hours ago 0

Hi everyone,

It would be great to order post randomly. Is it posible?

Best regards from Málaga (Spain)

Searching answer

Open post on new tab

lupin1973 5 days ago updated 2 days ago 2


do you know how to setup opening posts on new tabs?

Will be answered

How to open posts in current tab?

Pam 3 weeks ago updated by Andrei S. (Developer) 2 weeks ago 1

How do I get the post links to open in the current tab instead of a new tab? 


add Custom Post Type support

Andrei S. (Developer) 3 weeks ago updated 3 weeks ago 0
Searching answer

How can you change the hover effect on simple post slider?

daconn 4 weeks ago updated by Andrei S. (Developer) 4 weeks ago 1

I'm trying to change the hover color, on the image and the arrows. I would also like to change the border radius on each image. Does anyone have some css that I could use?


Slider - slides with fixed width

Andrei S. (Developer) 4 weeks ago 0

idea: in each grid of posts, allow social sharing buttons to appear, and also allow the option to include a button on each grid that could link to an external site OR read more

kristin.cortina 1 month ago 0

idea: on each grid in the grid of posts, it would be really nice if social sharing buttons could appear, and also if i could have the option to choose to add a button to each grid to be able to choose to either : put a link on the button to link to an external website, or choose to put a read more button on each grid.