API Import - Create competitions and Leagues automatically.

Andrei S. (Developer) 1 year ago in Import API updated by Edwin Dee 1 week ago 10


- migrate from "api-football.com" API V2 to V3

- new user interface (UI)

- special wizard to easily create and config new competition

--- general round-robin competitions (e.g.: national leagues)

--- knockout competitions (e.g.: national cups)

--- complex multistage competitions (e.g.: international cups)

This would be great


that would be perfect and makes your plugin 5 stars 

Working on new API Import UI


Best Regards

Andrei S.


Great! When do you think it will be available to us?


Testing it. Maybe in 7-10 days.

Dear Andrei, how is it going in this front? Can we now import and create all existed leagues in the api-football system automatically, or with a lot less manual work? Appreciate your work.


New plugin version 0.13.0 will have:

- migrate from "api-football.com" API V2 to V3

- new user interface (UI)

- simplified  Manual Import Configuration creator

Great! I am looking forward to the auto wizard to come. Would be great if you could simplify linking any other api imported stuff (outside of your plugin) on the website to the matches imported by your plugin BY api-football.com fixture id.