v0.10.14 - 2020-04-28

  added    possibility to translate most of frontend text strings from the theme admin page

  added    multi-level dropdown for standard menu items

  added    improved offcanvas menu with 3 level of depth support

  added    post title sticky effect (and options to disable it globally or for a single post)

  added    possibility to disable Blocks on some pages (set to "none")

  added    option to show only selected number of tags in blog layout (the rest will be hidden under "...")

  improved    Main Menu dropdown functionality

  improved    sticky functionality for Main Menu and sidebars (changed sticky lib, better compatibility with old browsers)

  improved    post share buttons (new styling, added WhatsApp, Telegram)

Translatable Text Options

Multi-level dropdown menu

Post Share Buttons

Post Title Sticky Effect

Hidden tags in blog layout

Improved Offcanvas Menu

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