Charts: Team Default Stats

Premium Version Only (since v0.11.10)

Show team default stats: fouls, corners, ball possession, offsides, shots, shots on goal.

[anwpfl-charts type="team-defaults" stat="" club_id="" competition_id="" multistage="0" season_id="" club_side="" x_axis_label="1" data_label="1" title="" color="" limit="0"]

Charts shortcode is very complex, so I divided the manual into several parts depending on the type. 

  • type – "team-defaults" (required) A specific argument with a predefined value is required to render that type of chart.
  • stat – (required) - Available options: fouls, corners, offsides, possession, shots, shots_on_goal

Shortcode Arguments - Filter

  • club_id – (required) - Club ID.
  • competition_id – (optional) - Competition ID.
  • multistage – (optional) - 0/1 (no/yes). Set this argument to "1" if you want to include all stages of multistage competition. Works only when "competition_id" is Multistage Competition (Main Stage)
  • season_id – (optional) - Season ID.
  • limit - (optional) - Matches limit (0 - for all)

Shortcode Arguments - Display

  • club_side – (optional) - show club header in the top (see screenshot). Available options: "" (none), "home", "away".
  • x_axis_label – (optional) - 1/0 (yes or no) - show opposite club names in the bottom.
  • data_label – (optional) - 1/0 (yes or no) - show value label inside the bar
  • title – (optional) - Chart title
  • color – (optional) - Bar color. Set bar color in hex format (e.g. #800000) or use "club" value for default team color

Argument - club_side