Matches (shortcode)

[anwpfl-matches competition_id="" show_secondary="0" season_id="" type="" limit="0" date_from="" date_to="" stadium_id="" filter_by_clubs="" filter_by_matchweeks="" days_offset="" sort_by_date="" sort_by_matchweek="" group_by="" group_by_header_style="" show_club_logos="1" show_match_datetime="1" competition_logo="1" outcome_id=""]

Shortcode Attributes

  • competition_id – (optional) Competition ID

  • show_secondary - (optional) "0" (no) or "1" (yes). Include matches from secondary stages. Applied for multistage main stage competitions only.
  • season_id - (optional) filter by Season term ID
  • group_id - (optional) filter by group ID (since v0.10.13)
  • type - (optional) filter by match type. "" (empty - for all), "result" - for finished, "fixture" - for upcoming.
  • limit - (optional) matches limit. 0 - for all. Default: 0
  • date_from - (optional) show matches with kickoff time from. Format: YYYY-MM-DD. E.g.: 2019-04-21
  • date_to - (optional) show matches with kickoff time before date (included). Format: YYYY-MM-DD. E.g.: 2019-04-21
  • stadium_id - (optional) filter by stadium
  • filter_by_clubs – (optional) comma-separated list of club IDs to filter
  • filter_by_matchweeks – (optional) comma-separated list of matchweeks or round IDs to filter
  • days_offset – dynamic days filter. For example: "-2" from 2 days ago and newer; "2" from the day after tomorrow and newer
  • days_offset_to – dynamic days filter to. For example: "1" till tomorrow and older (since v0.10.17)
  • sort_by_date - (optional) - "" (empty for none), "asc" - for oldest, "desc" - for latest
  • sort_by_matchweek - (optional) -  "" (empty for none), "asc" - for ascending, "desc" - for descending
  • group_by - (optional) - "" (empty for none), "day", "month", "matchweek", "stage". Stage works only if show_secondary is set to 1.
  • group_by_header_style - "" (empty for default) or "secondary"
  • show_club_logos - "0" or "1". Show (1) or hide (0). Default: "1"
  • show_match_datetime - "0" or "1". Show (1) or hide (0). Default: "1"
  • competition_logo - "0" or "1". Show (1) or hide (0). Default: "1"
  • filter_by (deprecated) "club" or "matchweek"
  • filter_values(deprecated) Comma-separated list of options. Club IDs or Round numbers.
  • outcome_id - set club ID to show outcome label. Works only in "slim" layout. Recommended to set filter_by_clubs with the same club_id value.
  • home_club and away_club - filter by home or away club ID (since v0.12.5)

Hello, i want to make shortcode for today,yesterday,tomorrow and after tomorrow

how change days_offset and days_offset_to, please help me


try days_offset=-1 and days_offset_to=2

Hi, i want for for each individual if is possible, i want to make 4 tabs 1 with today events, 2 with yesterday events, etc.. and i can't find the perfect combination :(

I fond all

today: type="fixture" days_offset="-1" days_offset_to="1"

tomorrow: type="fixture" days_offset="1" days_offset_to="2"

after tomorrow: type="fixture" days_offset="2" days_offset_to="3"

yesterday: type="result" days_offset="-1" days_offset_to="1"


Есть ли возможность указания пользовательского хедера в шорткоде "матчи"?

Добрый день!

А что имеется ввиду под "пользовательским хедером"?

Если я хочу указать группу, либо любое другое слово написать там -

Своими силами реализовали, срочно нужно было.)

Подскажите по какой причине может дублироваться счет матча?

В этой позиции может выводиться текст из поля "Aggregate text".

Hi, Andrei.

I can group the list of MATCHES in COMPETITIONS matctes.JPG, but I want to have the COMPETITIONS arranged in ALPHABETICAL order, this will make thing easier for visitors e.g

ENGLAND- Premier League

GERMANY- Bundesliga

FRANCE- Ligue 1

ITALY- Seria A

SPAIN- La Liga

UEFA- Champions League

UEFA- Europa League






how can i added downtime on fixture todays ?

hello, please after creating my competition, matches didn't generate 

Im having an issue with the ordering..

and the shortcode im using is

[anwpfl-matches competition_id="18102,25198,21782" show_secondary="0" season_id="134" league_id="135" group_id="" type="fixture" limit="0" date_from="" date_to="" stadium_id="" filter_by_clubs="5297" home_club="" away_club="" filter_by_matchweeks="" days_offset="" days_offset_to="" sort_by_date="" sort_by_matchweek="asc" group_by="month" group_by_header_style="" show_club_logos="1" show_match_datetime="1" competition_logo="1" include_ids="" exclude_ids="" outcome_id="" no_data_text=""]

But the match on the 31st is pushing to the top.

maybe you must activate the sort_by_date parameter.

tried that doesn't work and the rest of the fixtures are in the correct order.

you must verify the matchweek number of each match and use sort_by_date="asc", maybe the match on the first line have an incorrect matchweek

how do i verify the matchweek... ive seen in the tutorial... but looking at the matches.. im unable to edit this? as its a knockout. 

its ok sorted it

I had


in the shortcode, and looks like matchweek took priority

many thanks

i think  that you can try remove the sort_by_matchweek, because the knockout don't have matchweek, so, maybe the plugin assign to the match an incorrect value.