Players (shortcode)

[anwpfl-players type="scorers" competition_id="" join_secondary="1" season_id="" league_id="" club_id="" limit="0" soft_limit="1" show_photo="1" layout=""]

Shortcode Attributes

  • type – *(required) "scorers" or "assists"
  • competition_id – (optional) - competition ID
  • join_secondary – (optional) "0" or "1". Include stats from secondary stages. Works for multistage competitions only. You should set main stage ID in “competition_id” parameter.
  • season_id – (optional) season term ID
  • league_id – (optional) league term ID
  • club_id – (optional) club ID
  • limit – limit number of players. Default: 0 (show all)
  • soft_limit – "0" (no) or "1" (yes). Default: "1". Increase the number of players to the end of players with equal stats value.
  • show_photo – "0" (no) or "1" (yes). Default: yes.
  • layout – " " (empty - default), "small", "mini". Mini is used for the widget.

Good day,

Want to ask, what is 2nd  parameter  if 2 players  have same amount of goals?  Is any chance to list players by our own 2nd parameter?


No, there is no such option.


Please, provide more info and I'll think how to help you if possible.

not display data using this code 


Есть ли возможность формировать таблицу с одинаковыми ранками, если у бомбардиров одинаковое количество забитых голов?


добавить после строки 50

$goals = -1;

$index = 0;

foreach($players as $i => $p){

        if($goals != $p->countable){


             $goals = $p->countable;


        $players[$i]->index = $index;


и заменить строку 

<td class="player-list__rank align-middle text-nowrap"><?php echo intval( $index + 1);?></td>


<td class="player-list__rank align-middle text-nowrap"><?=$p->index;?></td>

Спасибо, работает.)

Нет, но идея хорошая.

Возможно лучше будет пропускать "Rank". 

Например, если у первых двух одинаковое количество голов, то будет: "1", " ", "3" и т.д.

А каким образом это можно сделать? В шорткоде у бомбардиров не вижу ранка.

is it possible to auto show only first 10 top scorers of a league. Auto sort stand by scorer. Now you have to click on the goals sorten

Yes, of course. Set league ID, limit to 10 and soft limit to 0.