Import data from "" (v3)

Premium Version Only (since v0.13.0)

1. Choose API Import subscription plan at

Go to and select the subscription plan you want. 

For most users, a PRO plan will suffice.

Recommended using a direct subscription -

After registration, you are on a Free plan with 100/requests per day and some limitations per minute/hour.

To buy a subscription see the screenshot below.

P.S.: I am not affiliated with this API. It is a third API used to import data into Football Leagues plugin. It is not ideal but worth the money (compared to other APIs in this price range).

2. Set API key and Import Settings

Go to the "FL+ Configurator" (2) >> "Import API" (3), enter your API key (4), and set the request URL (5). 

If you buy a subscription on RapidAPI, set "RapidApi account" or set "Direct" if you buy a subscription in

Then check API Import functionality (6) you want and save.

If you plan to use advanced club and players statistics, go to the "Settings & Tools" >> "FL+ Statistics":

- for the club statistics >> click "Add Them All" in "Available API Club Advanced Statistics"

- for the player statistics >> click "Load API Stats Structure"

3. Create Import Configuration

Import Regular Round-Robin Competition

Tutorial - API Import Configuration: Round-Robin Competition (like regular national league)

Import Multistage Competition

Tutorial - API Import Configuration: Multistage Competition (like international cup)

Add active leagues to the Dashboard for operational management.

4. Create Standing Tables (optional)

Go to the "Competitions" (1) >> "Standing Tables" (2) and click "Add New Standing Table" (3)

Select appropriate competition and click "Select".

Set proper Ranking Rules and other settings and Save.

5. Create page templates in Layout Builder (optional)