MatchWeeks Slides (shortcode)

Premium Version Only

[anwpfl-matchweeks-slides competition_id="" show_club_logos="1" show_match_datetime="1" club_links="1" matchweek="" slides_to_show="4" match_card="slim"]

Shortcode Attributes

  • competition_id – *(required) – competition ID
  • show_club_logos - "0"(hide) or "1"(show)
  • show_match_datetime - "0"(hide) or "1"(show)
  • club_links -  "0"(hide) or "1"(show). Ignored in slim card.
  • matchweek - Current matchweek. Will be focused on it on page load. Set "-1" to use "current matchweek" option from competition.
  • slides_to_show - Number of navigation slides to show
  • match_card - " " (empty for default) or "slim"


Есть ли возможность разделить группы одной лиги в отдельные слайдеры?

Добрый день!

Да, есть недокумментированный параметр "group_id". Можно его использовать.

Работает, спасибо.)


it's not working with me 

here is the code 

[anwpfl-matchweeks-slides competition_id="7517" show_club_logos="1" show_match_datetime="1" club_links="1" matchweek="25" slides_to_show="2" match_card="slim"]

by the way, there are more than 3

may you help me, please? 



I think there is a conflict with any plugin or theme.

Try to disable all other plugins and test. Also, you can try to switch to another theme and test again.

P.S.: Next time please create a support ticket -

Thanks for replay 

you are right 

I deactivated the "  CMB2 plugin" then it is works 

Thank you Mr. Andrei S.

But CMB2 plugin is required. It is used to build admin meta boxes.

Do you have a Settings page?

That is what happened 

after that. I re-activated the plugin, and the problem did not come back 

anyway thank you so much