How to Use Layout Builder

  since 0.9.0 [Premium]  


Create Layout

Go to the "Football League" >> "FL+ Layout Builder" (1) and click "Add New" (2).

Then select Layout type.

Layout Sections

The layout has three sections: Top, Tabs, and Bottom.

Drag available blocks to build the layout you want.

Work with Tabs

Click on "+ add tab" to create a new tab. (1) Maximum 8 tabs available.

Change Tab title option. (2)

Drag blocks to the tab layout. (3)

You can delete a tab if you don't need it. Delete link is available in the last tab. (4)

General Block Options

Click on Tools button on the right side of the block.

In the popup modal, you can edit general block options. A number of options depend on the block type.

Display Options

There are Display Options at the right sidebar. Check them before publishing layout.

How can I display the competition with layout in my home page? 

You can set a redirect from your Home page to a specified using Redirection plugin

After creating a custom layout builder, how do I insert it into a WP post or page?

There is no way to use it on a page or post.

With a help of Layout Builder, you can override plugin pages (Competition, Team, Game, Player).

It will be applied automatically. Check out Display Option metabox.

hello when we choose round-robin  it show  too in knockout

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Uncheck "Knockout" in the Competition type


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Andrei S.

thank you andrei it's what i did  but the same problem

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