Bracket Layout

Premium Version Only

Bracket layout is available only for knockout competitions. It can be built automatically or with manual sorting (Recommended).

There are three ways to build it.

1. Manual (Recommended)

By default, pairs are sorting by the group/pair order in the tournament (see screenshot).

To change default sorting, click on "Bracket Options" icon and set the new Sorting Index.

2. Automatic

Recommended to use only for finished competitions. Bracket relations and order will be calculated automatically.

Find in the  Premium Options tab Bracket Layout parameter and set it to "automatic". And that's all. The bracket will be built automatically.

3. For Multistage Competitions (old style) - OBSOLETE (Removed)

If you have multistage Competitions like on the screenshot below use this way.

Find out first and last competition and set the appropriate parameter for each of them (the first and last).