Import Matches tool - How to Use

Step 1 >> Create Competition with clubs

Go to "Competitions" >> "Add New Competition". Fill all general settings, add clubs in the "Structure" section and save. 

Step 2 >> Prepare Matches Import tool

Go to "Settings & Tools" >> "FL+ Import Matches". Select previously created competition.

Step 3 >> Use external generator (optional)

As you can copy data from Excel-like spreadsheets, let's generate matches in the external generator. 

We will use tournament template from

Copy and paste club names into the generator.

Then copy (only 2 columns) and paste generated games from the generator into the import table.

Set MatchWeek and kickoff. Save data.

Tips: Format date in MS Excel

in mobile i cant paste from a spreadsheet

Yes, in some mobile browsers this functionality may not work.

Recommended to use modern desktop browsers.

there's a mobile browser in which It works?

I can't paste clubs into the away club column. It used to work

Do you have the clubs with the exact name on your site?

What number of rows do you want to insert at a time?

hi, the first time i will import only the matches without dates, every week i will update the csv with dates, times, venues and scores. I want to ask if the table with the matches makes duplikates or its ok to use this easy method. Thanks.


Yes, this tool will create duplicates in your situation. 


P.S.: I'll think of making the possibility to update games with this tool.


Using this tools to update the results would save a lot of time every week