Import Matches tool - How to Use

Step 1 >> Create Competition with clubs

Go to "Competitions" >> "Add New Competition". Fill all general settings, add clubs in the "Structure" section and save. 

Step 2 >> Prepare Matches Import tool

Go to "Settings & Tools" >> "FL+ Import Matches". Select previously created competition.

Step 3 >> Use external generator (optional)

As you can copy data from Excel-like spreadsheets, let's generate matches in the external generator. 

We will use tournament template from

Copy and paste club names into the generator.

Then copy (only 2 columns) and paste generated games from the generator into the import table.

Set MatchWeek and kickoff. Save data.

Tips: Format date in MS Excel

in mobile i cant paste from a spreadsheet

Yes, in some mobile browsers this functionality may not work.

Recommended to use modern desktop browsers.

there's a mobile browser in which It works?