Live Scores - Import API

Premium Version Only

Powerful hosting is required!
Do no use it on Shared hosting, it may exceed your resource limit and put the website down!

Scheduling import increases the overhead on your server. It creates a Cron job and fetches and handles API data every minute.

To start using Live Scores API import

- set API key and URL in "FL+ Configurator" >> "Import API";

(NEW Tutorial - since v0.11.4)

- enable Live Scores in "FL+ Configurator"

- switch on Live Scores import in "FL+ Configurator" >> Import API

Activate automatic LIVE import for selected competition. Status should be changed to "active".

(OBSOLETE Tutorial - before v0.11.4)

- enable Live Scores in "FL+ Configurator

- switch on Live Scores import in "Competition Configuration"

- switch to API import at "Live Scores Dashboard"

How to schedule API import

To schedule API import click on the gear icon and then click on "schedule/unschedule".

After that, a Cron job will be created which will check API live feed every minute and will update schedule matches.

The Cron job will be removed automatically after the end (or on unschedule) of the last scheduled game.

Disable Cron job manually

In case of a problem, you can disable all site Cron jobs adding a special code to the wp-config.php file (before the line "That's all, stop editing! ...") in the root of your WordPress installation. 

This option will disable all site Cron jobs.

define('DISABLE_WP_CRON', true);

Or you can install Crontrol plugin and remove "anwp_fl_live_api_import_hook" in "Tools" >> "Cron Events"

Where is shortcode for livescore?


J'ai besoin d'un outil de gestion de scores en direct pour mon site 

Can this be used to view actual upcoming live matches (NOT fantasy matches)? Or can I "only" create fantasy-leagues based on data from the API?

The plugin will show only LIVE game from your site, created manually, or imported from API.

Ok. So if I want to get information about a game in the Bundesliga - I will have to create a tournament/season in Wordpress, and then sync that with the API. I cannot import a single game directly from the API - only from my own local Wordpress, that has been synced with the API?

Can this plugin be used for all football live score API?

ok, thanks

I Want to add API-football live scores to my website ( WordPress). however, I have zero knowledge of programming or coding. I subscribed to your premium package and washable to navigate my way till I got lost here (see picture below). Kindly assist me.

How can I get the API Key? As per your instraction I has been created competitions, leagues, players and clubs in my wordpress website. Now I try to shown the live games score, how can I show this??

I can't get "Enable Live Match Mode" option, how can I get this option?

Sir, I have a problem, I can't see the "Live Score Import" option in Competition Configuration. Please help me out this problem.

I using a pro plugin a and subscribed to your API, I manged to import data for English premier league, but i noticed i had not configured my league well, i deleted that league, created a new league, but every time i try to import data for EPL again, i get error 400 that says no matches available for import, what do you think i will do to  get Epl data again please

Did you remove previously created games and empty trash?


Best Regards

Andrei S.

Hello, I bought the premium plugin. What I want to ask is that I want to show only live matches in tab. How can I do it?