Competition - Available Block Types

Premium Version Only

Competition :: Header

General competition data

Competition :: Bottom Content

Text from the "Bottom Content" tab.

Competition :: Matches All

List of all matches grouped by MatchWeek

Competition :: Matches Finished

Finished matches in the descending order grouped by date.

Competition :: Matches Upcoming

Upcoming matches grouped by date in the ascending order.

Competition :: Matchweek Slides

To focus on specific matchweek on load, set Current Matchweek option -

Competition :: Standing Tables

Associated with competition Standing tables.

Competition :: Results Matrix

More info -

Competition :: Bracket

What happens after you create a layout? How do you apply it on your specific page?

The layout will be applied automatically according to selected "Display Options" rules.

Where is it specifically?

I cannot apply the changes, I followed the tutorial and it is not possible to assign my Layout

Create a support ticket and provide a screenshot of your layout edit page.



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