Import API Dashboard

Premium Version Only - since 0.11.0

How to Use Dashboard Actions

Action will affect only select competitions. You can see a number of them in the second column.

To change selected competitions, click on them and make changes in the modal.

Close the modal and click the "Run" button.

Schedule task to automatically update finished games

Click on "Scheduled" button to add or remove scheduled tasks for selected competitions.

Task will run hourly and will check for new finished matches to update.

Add Competition to the Dashboard

To add competition to the Dashboard, follow this tutorial -

And after saving all mapping data on the "Step 4" save Import Competition Config to DB.

After that you will be able to use it in the Dashboard. 

Remove Competition from the Dashboard

Go to the Competitions.

Select Tournament in the dropdown list and turn off "Save Configuration" option.

Hi Andrei,

I am trying to install the plugin. But on the site it shows matches and players under Archives. How can i get the details directly without getting archived? 


Vijay Krishna C V


You have to create links in the menu items. Or use shortcodes on the home page. There are different ways to do that.

Check out the demo site for example -


For future support, please create a ticket -

How to know my API key? I had already purchased premium version of AnWP Football League plugin. Please help me. 

You will get your key by email which you used during the purchase process.

Or you can find it in your account at

P.S.: You should use the correct email !!!

In the mail I could not get any API Key. Plugin already installed, how can i see live score?

Did you activate the premium plugin version?

To get the API key, you must register in the API web Page (, using one of their subscription offer. you can register on the free option to test the functionality of the plugin.