v0.15.0 - Work In Progress

  improved    public JavaScript files have been rewritten in modern JS (removed jQuery dependency, make future maintenance easier)
  DataTables library with Tabulator (all dependent shortcodes have been rewritten)
  added    new animated countdown (instead of the old flipping)
  added    new Block MegaMenu add-on (create simple mega-menu in almost any theme)
  new Custom Sidebars add-on
   Aneto theme is deprecated and no longer maintained (but you can use it as long as you want). Our theme recommendations are Kadence, GeneratePress, Blocksy, or any other classic theme.
  LIVE Matches shortcode

New Tutorials:

Kadence WP - Setup from Scratch for Football Website

Player Statistics in Tabulator

Image 6791

New animated countdown

Image 6792

New Addons menu

Image 6923