v0.6.4 - Work in Progress

  added    Game title generation rules

  improved    player roster status rendering. Check this tutorial, section "player roster status" - https://anwppro.userecho.com/knowledge-bases/6/articles/421-sport-configurator

v0.6.3 - 2019-10-07

  added    "group_id" and "round_id" parameter in Games shortcode

  added    Last Game widget

  added    Team Social links

  improved    Next Game widget

v0.6.2 - 2019-09-30

  fixed    duplicate content on Divi themes

  improved    logic of the upcoming game countdown

  improved    minor fixes

v0.6.1 - 2019-09-09

  added    season players statistics configurator - https://anwppro.userecho.com/knowledge-bases/6/articles/289-player-stats-season

  added    game played option in the game player stats

  added    team season players statistics block

  added    standing table notes placeholders

  fixed     remove player stats on game delete

  fixed     minor player stats improvements

v0.6.0 - 2019-09-04

  added    configurator for player game statistics - https://anwppro.userecho.com/knowledge-bases/6/articles/288-player-stats-game

  added    players statistics block in Game

  added    player stats block in Player

  improved   admin UI in the team roster (show player current team, scroll page on drag to the top)

v0.5.17 - 2019-07-27

  added    search at "Text Options" page

  added    tournament "subtitle", "date from" and "date to" fields

  added    shortcode "Tournament List"

v0.5.16 - 2019-06-30

  added    Premium Version - more info https://anwp.pro/sports-leagues-premium-addon/

  fixed    saving empty Event data

v0.5.15 - 2019-06-24

  added    Game Events - more info https://anwppro.userecho.com/knowledge-bases/6/articles/205-game-events

  fixed    Select2 dropdown in shortcode modal not visible (style conflict with Redux Framework)

  fixed    Zero handling in game team stats

v0.5.14 - 2019-06-05

  added    Staff persons

  added    Text Options (ability to override most of the frontend text strings from the plugin admin)

  fixed    minor improvements

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v0.5.13 - 2019-05-25

  added    Officials persons (referees, delegates, linesmen, etc.)

  fixed    error on calculating Score For/Against in Standing table

  fixed    non-unique items in Teams shortcode

  fixed    minor bug fixes, style and performance improvements

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v0.5.12 - 2019-05-18

  added    Latest Games block at Game page

  added    "show in full screen" link for Standing table (+ option to hide this link in Settings)

  added    team series in Standing table (+ option to hide in Settings)

  added    option "Team Series (letter)"

  fixed   minor bugs and styles issues

v0.5.11 - 2019-05-08

 added   Shortcode UI helper for Classic editor

 added   Shortcode builder (Sports Leagues >> Shortcodes >> Shortcode Builder tab)

 added   Shortcode documentation How To's

 added   options to override permalink base slugs

0.5.10 - 2019-04-30

 added   grid Roster layout (Settings >> Display >> Team)

 added   option to show full team name or abbreviation in the Standing widget

 fixed   saving non-numeric game scores

v0.5.9 - 2019-04-26

 added   Games widget

 improved   tournament admin list UI 

 improved   widget fields and UI

 improved   minor style fixes

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v0.5.8 - 2019-04-22

 added   recommended settings for rugby, basketball and ice hockey

 added   finished and upcoming games on Venue page

 added   Show player position option  (Settings >> Display)

 added   Colorize Team Header option (Settings >> Display)

 added   links to online documentations and support forum

v0.5.7 - 2019-04-20

  • added notice when the outcome or final score is not set for the finished game
  • fixed rendering non-integer game scores
  • minor bug fixes and styles improvements

v0.5.6 - 2019-04-16

  • added Teams widget
  • added Next Game widget
  • added period scores in the game header
  • improved game list mobile layout
  • minor bug fixes and styles improvements

v0.5.5 - 2019-04-15

  • added upcoming and latest games blocks at the Team page
  • season selector improvements
  • added Games shortcode
  • added matches shortcode
  • added tournament header shortcode
  • added teams shortcode
  • added standing shortcode
  • added shortcodes documentation page at the admin menu
  • added tournament permalink in the game header
  • added date filter in the games admin list
  • fixed goals calculation in Standing table

v0.5.4 - 2019-04-13

  • hide game blocks (players, stats) with empty data
  • fixed tournament sorting order
  • added option to hide post title and improved existing functionality
  • added Handball recommended settings (in Sport Configurator)
  • fixed tournament slug creation (page not found error)
  • minor style and bug fixes

v0.5.3 - 2019-04-05

  • improvements at edit Standing Page
  • added team main color option
  • added players list game section
  • added game team stats
  • improved game slim layout
  • improved tournament header block
  • added option to switch to alternative theme layout
  • added link to recalculate index tables
  • added layout for twentysixteen theme
  • minor fixes and style improvements

v0.5.2 - 2019-04-02

  • Initial public release