Standing Table (shortcode)

[anwpfl-standing title="" id="" exclude_ids="" layout=""]

Shortcode Attributes

  • id – *(required) – standing table ID
  • title – (optional) text title for this shortcode. Default: "" (empty)
  • exclude_ids – (optional) list of comma-separated team ID’s to exclude
  • layout – (optional) - ' ' (empty) or 'mini'. Empty (' ') for regular layout or mini - for small (widget) layout.

Is there a way to have alpha-numeric standings when data for teams are identical, same matches played, same wins, draws, losses, goals for and against?

No, unfortunately not.


If you are interested in it, please create a feature request with a detailed description.

Hi. I am unable to create a league table in wordpres. Can you help me out?


Create a round-robin competition and then create the Standing table. - step 5 and step 6 in this tutorial 

After that, you may insert the created standing table as shortcode -