Import data from ""

Premium Version Only

API import from "" helps you to:

  • create matches;
  • create clubs (since v0.9.6);
  • create players with extended data (name, position, nationality, birth date, weight, height);
  • create a club squad;
  • update finished matches (scores, lineups, substitutions, events, stats, kickoff date and time).

❗️ >>> You have to get an API key before a start here -

- create Season, League and Competition
- create Clubs and assign Clubs to the Competition Group
- create Standing tables (optional)

Set API key and URL

Go the "FL+ Configurator" >> "Import API" section and set "Import API Version" to "V2 (".

Then enter your API key and set request URL. If you buy a subscription on RapidApi, set "RapidApi account". If you buy directly, set "Direct".

Set Local Competition

Then go to the “Football Leagues” >> “FL+ Import API”.

On the first step select local competition and click “Next”.

Map API and local Competition

If you use import for the first time, and mapping status is not “ok”, click on “edit” button at the right.

Set proper competition and click Save.

Now if competition mapping is "OK" click "Next".

Mapping Clubs

On the next step link API and local clubs.

You have to create local clubs before (recommended to use Data Import tool).

Import Actions

On the last step, you can see a list of available actions. They are self-explained.

The recommended workflow:

- create all matches;

- update players for every club;

- update finished matches;

When you create matches, your request may be interrupted by a server (due to limit execution time). Try to run this action several times, until you get a successful message.

For Multistage Competitions

If you create matches for multistage competition, recommended to set start and finish date, otherwise, matches from other stages will be added to this stage.

How to check API status

If you use RapidApi account, visit -

If you subscribed directly, use the special form at the import page (see screenshot).