How to Use Layout Builder

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Note: this video is for my another plugin, but in Sports Leagues  everything is the same 

Create Layout

Go to the "Layout Builder" >> "Add New"  and select layout type.

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Layout Sections

The layout has three sections: Top, Tabs, and Bottom.

Drag available blocks to build the layout you want.

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Work with Tabs

Click on the "+ add tab" button to create a new tab. (1) Maximum - 12 tabs are available.

Change Tab title option. (2)

Drag blocks to the tab layout. (3)

You can delete a tab if you don't need it. Delete link is available in the last tab. (4)

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General Block Options

Click on the Tools button on the right side of the block.

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In the popup modal, you can edit general block options. A number of options depend on the block type.

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Display Options

There are Display Options at the right sidebar. Check them before publishing the layout.

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