Start Guide

Plugin Requires:
- PHP 5.6+
- WordPress 4.7+
- Enabled WordPress REST API
- CMB2 plugin

Step 1 >> Create League

Go to the “Tournaments” >> “Leagues”. Set a name for a new league and recommended to select a country from available options. Then click “Add New League”.

Step 2 >> Create Season

Go to the “Tournaments” >> “Seasons” and create a new season.

 Info  Recommended season name is “YYYY” or “YYYY-YYYY”.

Step 3 >> Create Clubs

Recommended using Data Import tool. It will help you to create a lot of teams faster.

Go to the Sports Leagues >> Import Data. Set the “teams” option in the top dropdown. Apply columns you like.

Then you can enter team data manually or copy from Excel-like spreadsheets.

( Optional ) You can add additional team data in “Sports Leagues” >> “Teams” menu.

Step 4 >> Sport Configurator

Go to the Sports Leagues >> Sport Configurator and set initial settings for your team sport.

Step 5 >> Create Tournament

To create a Tournament go to the Tournaments >> New Tournament. Enter title, select league and season.

On the next step add stage title, system, status and assign clubs.

Now your tournament looks like.

Step 6 >> Standing

You have to create and configure Standing if your tournament system is a “group”.

Go to the “Tournaments” >> “Standings” and click “Add New”.

Then select appropriate Tournament and Stage.

You can modify table colors for places or teams.

Set ranking criteria.

And configure columns order and visibility.

Below is a screenshot of the automatically calculated Standing table after entering a few games.

Step 7 >> Create a game

Congrats! Now you are ready to create your first game.

Go to the Games >> Add New Game. Select tournament, stage, teams and click Save and Continue.

Step 8 >> Create team squad

(Optional) Create a team squad for every season. Set player number, role, and status.

Frontend Team page

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