Results Matrix

Premium Version Only

Use Layout Builder to show Results Matrix

Create a Competition layout on Layout Builder and add the Results Matrix block to it.

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Show in full screen

Link to show Matrix table in full screen appears when clubs are more than 10.

For Tripple Round Robin and more

If clubs play one another more than twice, set Round-Robin format to Custom.

Settings :: Results Matrix in default layout

This option will be ignored if you use Layout Builder to render Competition page

To change global display option go to the Settings & Tools >> FL+ Configurator >> Result Matrix.

You can also change the display option for specific Competition. Go to the Standing Tables and select the appropriate instance to edit. Then in the Display Option set display behavior you like.

Settings :: Horizontal labels, Vertical labels

Club name or club logo.

Settings :: Show club place

Show or hide club ranking column.

Settings :: Type

Default or symmetric. In the symmetric layout, results are duplicated for two teams. See the screenshot below.

Can the abbreviated club name be displayed in the vertical lavels of the Results Matrix ?


but I'll add this idea to my ToDo list.