LIVE Scores in the List of Matches

Premium Version Only

To activate LIVE scores mode go to the "FL+ Configurator" and set "Enable Live Match Mode" to yes. Here you can also change the update period.

After that, you are able to manage live scores and time.

Find "Live" section at Match Edit page. Select Live status and set Match Score. Then click the Update button.
Match save/update not needed. Live block works independently.

You have to manually change Match live status from the list of available options.

Use “offset in minutes” field if you miss a start of time-dependent status. Simply try and you will understand how it works.


Live Scores will be displayed in the “slim” match layout. It is used by matches shortcodes, at Competition page and in most other places except Widgets.

Tip To show live scores on your Home page, use [anwpfl-matches] shortcode with appropriate attributes.