One club with several teams

Charlie 3 years ago in Club updated by Andrei S. (Developer) 7 months ago 11


Would it be possible to add several teams to one club?
E.g. one club might have one first squad for men and one for women.

As I understand it, now all matches and players would be collected under Club page, instead of separated.

Do I have to create a separate club for the second team to keep players, statistics etc separated?


this is a basic feature! I trust it will be realized soon!

Need Clarification

Please share any ideas about this feature. Maybe any site examples.

This would be grear

I need this too. 

You have club FC INTER

And that club have teams which play in different competitions.

U19 team

U17 team

U15 team


I want to show players that are playing for senior squad, U19 squad, U17 squad... separate.

Now they are all in one place, those aged 15 and aged 30....

You could do drop down menu on player page under Current club. So we can assign that player to a category he plays for. Those categories should be editable because not all countries have teams called U19, they have juniors, youngsters....



Any update on this one

Unfortunately, no. Maybe later.


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Andrei S.


could you somehow be motivated on this topic?


Also in my opinion this is an important thing.

moreover, a player should be able to be placed in more teams

any update on this? it's a a fundamental thing


I hope I'll have time to work on it in October-November.


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Andrei S.