v0.7.0 - 2020-03-07

  added    RTL support  

  added    Players Stats widget and shortcode

  added    Birthdays widget

  added    teams option in Venue

  added    additional videos and photo gallery in Game (Game Extra Data >> Media Tab)

  added    photo gallery in Team and Player

  added    possibility to enter not only numeric player number

  added    "exclude Game IDs" option in the Last and Next Game widget

  added    additional options in Games shortcode - "days_offset_to", "exclude ids", "include ids"

  fixed    incorrect game time calculation if server timezone option is not "UTC"

  improved    admin UI, minor fixes and style improvements

New Tutorials

Players Stats (shortcode)

New Demo Site

https://sl.anwp.pro/hockey-public-1/ - Hockey

Birthdays Widget

Players Stats Widget & Shortcode

Birthdays widget Options

Possibility to enter not only numeric player number

Game additional videos and gallery