First Steps After installing Premium addon

1) Complete all steps from the core plugin "Quick Start" tutorial.

2) SL+ Sports Settings

Check out new "SL+ Sports Settings".

3) Play-by-Play settings and events

If you will use Commentary (Play-by-Play) block, add new events and check new options (3,4) in the old ones.

4) Modify Standing Tables

Premium version has an Advanced Standing Table builder and new Ranking Rules.

You can build a Standing Table structure using team game stats and special columns.

More Info -

Set proper Ranking Criteria order. They are based on Columns Builder.

5) Build custom layouts for plugin pages

More Info:

6) Features you may be interested in

Conference and Division support

Manual Standing Data Edit

Teams Formation

Team Trophies

7) Premium Widgets and Shortcodes

Premium Widgets

Premium Shortcodes

8) Check out the Premium changelog regularly

Many new features will be added soon. 

Premium Changelog

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