Teams Formation

Premium Version Only

Teams game formation is available in a special metabox at Game edit page. Drag and drop players into columns.

Using empty placeholder

Free space is distributed in the column among the players proportionally. You can use an empty placeholder to create complex structures.

Set Formation Background

To set Formation background go to the "Sports Leagues" >> "SL+ Settings" >> "Formation" and set background image (higher priority) or background color.

Note Vertical image is required for mobile layout.

Team Jersey selecting priority

  1. Game Option ( Edit Game >> Game Data >> Premium Options >> Home or Away Jersey Shirt in Formation )
  2. Appropriate SVG Jersey ( Edit Team >> Premium Options >> Jersey Home >> SVG image or Color to fill ). For away team is used “home” if away is missed.
  3. Team Main Color (empty jersey filled with the team main color).
  4. Default colors (red and blue)

Number Stroke Color

“Number Stroke Color” is used for better number readability. See screenshot below.

Create a Custom SVG Shirt in 5 minutes

  1. Download prepared SVG file. Right click >> Save link as.
  2. Create an SVG image in a free online editor Figma – – See video
  3. Export created SVG file from Figma and open it with your default text editor.
  4. Copy code and paste into SVG image field.
  5. Set number color and stroke if needed.

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