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Andrei S. (Developer) 12 months ago in Player updated by Clarke 6 months ago 7

Player Statistic

Andrei S. (Developer) 12 months ago in Player updated 3 months ago 3

- Custom Player Statistics builder - v0.9.7

- show stats on Match page - v0.9.7

- New rendering blocks, widgets, and shortcodes will be added in the nearest future.


- Custom Player Statistics

Custom Statistics on Match page

Statistic Configurator


More player positions

Sebastian J. 5 months ago in Player 0

It would be nice if you could enter more than 4 player positions.

Not only strikers and defenders and so on ..

But also, right defender, right wing and so on.


Оптимизация процессов

Славик Урчик 5 months ago in Player updated 5 months ago 3

Андрей, привет.
Я не устаю радоваться данному модулю, и с нетерпением жду новых обновлений.
Приделу идеала нет, по этому отправляю свою идею по оптимизации некоторых процессов. 

К примеру:

1. если создаю игрока и выбираю в котором он клубе числится, то чтоб автоматом заявлен за данный клуб (скрины ниже).
Сейчас работает так: игрока создаю и указываю в котором он клубе числится, но если не зайду в сам клуб и не добавлю его в список игроков то он и не отображается в матчах.

2. Такая же ситуация и в трансферах, после проведенного трансфера опять таки нужно вручную заявлять в список игрока дабы он появлялся в матчах в списке.
Как по мне было бы очень удобно чтоб он был заявлен за клуб сразу после того как провел трансфер.

Спасибо, за внимание :)


Shortcode for Player data and statistics

Andrei S. (Developer) 1 month ago in Player updated 1 month ago 6

Clean Sheets

Football Statto 2 months ago in Player 0

Is it possible to have a shortcode to display the keepers with most clean sheets in the season?


date of birth

Football Statto 2 months ago in Player updated by Andrei S. (Developer) 1 month ago 2

Is it possible to run a cron show site would show all players with birthdates on the current day?


All time stats

Football Statto 2 months ago in Player 0

is there anyway we can find out all stats for each competition from data we have ie. 

Most appearances in English Prem, Spanish La Liga, UEFA champions League etc for example

Top All time Goalscorer and most clean sheets etc?


When adding a transfer, player moves automatically at added date

Hans Petter 4 days ago in Player updated by Andrei S. (Developer) 4 days ago 1

When adding a new transfer, is it possible that the player automatically changes club in the database to their new club, when the date added is reached? Now you have to do both the adding transfer, and then edit the player.


Players leaving the team

Jose Ramon del Valle 6 days ago in Player updated by Andrei S. (Developer) 3 days ago 5

I am entering all the data of this season, and I find a "problem", and that is that I have players who have participated in the first part of the season, but at Christmas they left the team, I have to register them in the team but they are no longer part of it, how can I do ?, I want them to appear in the statistics, but I do not want them to appear in the list of team members.